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College House

What College House are you In?

The new college houses have been set! This year the college houses are a little different than last years college house. This year there are nine different college houses. There are three different college houses. All of these houses correspond with the colors red, green, and blue. Each grade has a different level of colleges. Sixth grade is community colleges and the house are Saddleback Community College, Irvine Valley Community College, and Golden West Community College. Seventh grade is Cal States and the colleges are Cal State Fullerton, Fresno State, and Cal Poly Pomona. Eighth grade is Universities and the colleges are Stanford, UC Cal Berkley, and Oregon. Just like last year all the college houses are set by your first period house, so if you are unsure of your college house just ask your first period teacher. September 2 is national college colors day. Make sure that you show your house spirit on his day. Good luck to all the houses and we are looking forward to some friendly house competition!

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