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History of AVID at Marco Forster

Former Marco Forster teachers Elizabeth  Baron-Fields and Bea Dillehunt brought the AVID program to Marco Forster Middle School in 1995.  After some intense recruiting, they were able to assemble some 40 students to form Marco AVID’s first class.  Within in three years Marco Forster became an AVID National Demonstration School.  Many of those first Marco AVID students have gone on to great success.  Many have graduated college.  Some are successful businessmen and women, others excel in other fields, and still others are now pursuing advanced degrees at colleges like USC and Georgetown. Over the past twenty years, hundreds of students have found success through Marco’s AVID program.

In 2004, Alex Gottdank and Kevin Gerow were asked to take over the Marco AVID program.  Enrollment and academic success increased in the years since, as Marco AVID enrollment soared past 100 students.  In 2008, Karen Salazar became the first Marco AVID student to earn the Marco Forster Student of the Year award.  In June of 2008 was born, and in the fall of 2009, we expanded our AVID program to include sixth grade students. Enrollment in Marco Forster's AVID program has now surpassed 250 students.

While we work to improve and expand our Marco AVID program, we look forward to helping more Marco students find academic and personal success.