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Rules and Regulations


All students are required to dress in physical education clothes daily (even in rainy weather).  Each student is responsible for his/her own uniform and keeping it clean. Sweatshirts may be worn in cold weather as determined by their P.E. teacher.  Students may NOT wear clothing under their P.E. clothes or borrow each other’s P.E. clothes.

Acceptable Physical Education Attire

*Plain gray athletic short sleeved t-shirt

*Plain black athletic shorts

*Athletics shoes (MUST lace up)

*Sweatshirts may be worn over the PE uniform on cold days.

*All clothing must be clearly marked with the student's first and last names.

The Marco Forster Physical Education uniform is recommended. *Available in the office.

Non-Suit Policy

Students must be dressed in their PE uniforms everyday unless otherwise instructed. Students who do not have their proper uniform are still required to participate.

Consequences for Non-Suits:

  • 1st PE non-suit -Teacher warning and loss of points.
  • 2rd PE non-suit - Teacher consequence, loss of points, and parent contact.
  • 3th PE non-suit - Referral to AP, grade drop, and the student will wear their PE uniform all day for 1 week.
  • 4th PE non-suit - Referral, grade drop, and the student will be required to wear their PE uniform all day for 10 weeks .

Tardy Policy


Students will be marked tardy for the following reasons:

  • Student is not inside the locker room before the tardy bell.
  • Student is not seated on his/her assigned roll call number when teacher arrives.
  • Student fails to report to assigned roll call number for second roll call.
  • Student leaves the P.E. area before passing bell.

Locker Room Rules

All students are issued lockers in Physical Education. Lockers are only to be used during their P.E. period and only for P.E. items. The student is responsible for his/her own property. No food (including gum and candy), electronic devices, cell phones, glass containers, aerosol/pump sprays, or beverages are allowed in the locker room. Students are NOT allowed to share locker combinations.

Grading and Make-Up Policy

Students are graded on their fitness, motor and social skills, fitness knowledge and skill knowledge. Students are required to make up work due to absence or injury. Students must contact their individual P.E. teacher regarding grading policy and make-up days.