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General Information

ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: All students wishing to access the Internet are required to sign an “Acceptable Use Policy” contract. If any user violates the provisions of the contract, access to the information service will be denied and you will be subject to disciplinary action.

ASSEMBLIES: Assemblies help create better school spirit, develop leadership and talent. Student conduct is important in assemblies. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to all assembly participants. Appreciation for assemblies is given by applause ONLY and at the appropriate times. Whistling or yelling is not allowed.

BICYCLES: Bicycle safety is important. Students should always ride cautiously and courteously to and from school, through the neighboring sports park and parking lots. They should walk their bikes on and off campus. All bikes are to be locked, and helmets are required by law. The bike compound is off-limits during school hours. The school is not responsible for the theft or damage while bicycles are parked on school grounds. 

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE: Inform the office immediately if you change your address or telephone number. This information is vital in case of an emergency.

CLOSED CAMPUS: Marco Forster operates a closed campus. This means that no student may leave the school grounds during the school day without first obtaining permission. The school grounds are defined as those areas within the immediate vicinity of the school buildings. Students may NOT go beyond the blacktop in the P.E. area. If you must leave school because of illness or any other reason, you must be signed out by a parent at the attendance office window. The San Juan Capistrano Sports Park, the Farm Road, and Roadrunner Lane are off limits during school hours. Entry gates at Del Obispo Street will be locked from 8:40 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. daily All visitors must register with the principal per state law. Trespassers will be arrested.

DANCES: Three dances per year are sponsored by A.S.B. Parent permission slips and student ID’s are required to obtain a dance ticket and all school rules and regulations are enforced. The dances can be attended only by students enrolled at Marco Forster. Students may not leave the dance early.

END-OF YEAR ACTIVITIES: Although there is no formal graduation from eighth grade, students are recognized through special activities including an eighth grade dance, eighth grade awards assembly, and an eighth grade trip to Wild Rivers.

FIRE/DISASTER DRILLS: Disaster/Fire drills are held once per month. One large NIMS drill is held each year. It is very important that students familiarize themselves with the procedures they are to follow in the event of an emergency during these drills.

HALL PASSES: Students must have an authorized hall pass from their teacher in order to be out of class.

HEALTH TECH: There is a health technician available on a limited basis. If you become ill while at school, ask your teacher for a pass to the health tech’s office where you will be assisted by school personnel.

LIBRARY: The library houses books, periodicals, pamphlets, and computers for student use. It is open during the school day, before and after school. To assure prompt return and careful usage of the materials, charges will be made for damaged and lost materials. A pass is required when sent to the library by a teacher during the class period. Students sent by the teacher to the library during a class period must sign in with the librarian.

LOCKERS: Lockers are the property of Capistrano Unified School District and are on loan to students. School officials, with reasonable cause, may search lockers at any time. Individual lockers will be assigned to 7 th and 8 th grade students, 6th grade students will share a locker with a classmate. Use only the locker assigned to you and keep it locked at all times.  Please keep your locker combination to yourself. You are responsible for items stored in your locker. The school is not responsible for items missing or taken from your locker. Students are responsible for the upkeep of the outside and the inside of the locker, i.e., no stickers or markings allowed.

LOST AND FOUND: Lost and found books and notebooks can be located in the library. Other articles can be claimed in the front office.

LUNCHES: Students are to eat in the assigned lunch areas which are to be kept clean.

MEDICATION: When a student’s physician prescribes medication to be administered during school hours, state law requires that the physician state the dosage and related information on the appropriate district form. These forms are available in our school office. Parents are required to sign a release allowing school personnel to dispense medication.

REPORT CARD AND PROGRESS REPORTS: Report cards will be mailed home each quarter. Progress reports are sent home with those students who are not making satisfactory progress halfway through each quarter. We encourage positive communication between the home and school. Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers any time there are concerns.

SKATES, SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES, RAZORS: They can never be ridden on campus including weekends and evenings.

TELEPHONE: Telephones are available to students during the school day for significant purposes. Cell phones must be turned off during the school day.

VISITORS: Parents are encouraged to visit their student’s classroom whenever possible. We do not, however, allow visits by students who are not enrolled at Marco Forster. Please arrange all visits with the school office. All visitors must register with the principal. Trespassers will be arrested per state law.

YEARBOOK: A student yearbook will be sold to students who want to purchase a “memory book” of their middle school years. Yearbooks may be purchased during orientation and on-line.