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Positive Behavior System (PBS)











Make good decisions

Fulfill Responsibilities

Make a Difference

Show Respect

School wide / Hallways / Commons

Walk on the right side

Keep hands feet to self

Use resources to solve conflicts appropriately

If you arrive before 8:10, go to the lunch area. 

Prioritize passing time:

  • Locker
  • Restroom
  • then, Visit

Recycle Bottles Cans
Walk away from and report potential unsafe situations

Keep all areas clean
Use appropriate language
Monitor noise level
Be courteous to all staff and students

Arrival / Dismissal - Busses

Turn off and put away cell phones

Be alert to traffic

Walk bike on campus and wear helmet

Walk to designated area in a timely manner

Line up at school neighbourhood stops

Bring use own bus pass

Follow bus rules

Encourage friends to follow rules

Obey all staff crossing guards

Greet and thank bus driver 

Keep bus clean

Classroom / MPR / Locker Room

Be on time seated at bell

Ignore inappropriate behaviours

Keep track of your personal belongings

Always carry your ID card with you

Have a hall pass

Return books on time

Have a positive attitude

Be honest- Demonstrate integrity

Respect everyone's property, including your own

Listen attentively

Office / Library

Wait patiently for your turn

Work quietly

Always carry your ID card with you

Have a hall pass

Return books on time

Volunteer to assist

Take care of books

Push chairs back in

Use proper greetings with all adults


Wash hands with soap

Use during passing

Use facilities appropriately

Report if supplies or cleaning is needed

If restroom is full, wait outside

Be mindful of others' personal space