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Zero Period Policies

A zero period class is an optional course request and is not required for any student.  A major consideration for students who request a zero period class is the recognition that student attendance must not be compromised due to the early start time.  In most cases, there is a direct correlation between regular attendance and success in class.  In order to ensure good attendance and to maintain the integrity of the class, it is necessary to establish strict but fair attendance guidelines.

  • On the 5th excused or unexcused absence the teacher will call home to notify the parents. 

  • On the 7th excused or unexcused absence a referral will be given to an Assistant Principal. 

  • On the 10th excused or unexcused absence the student may be dropped from the zero period class and loss of privileges may occur.

Students who have reached the 10th excused or unexcused absence will not be allowed a zero period class for the next semester.

There may, of course, be exceptions to this contract due to verified extended illness or other special circumstances.  In such cases it is important that the parent(s) communicate with the teacher and follow established school guidelines for extended absences.

The purpose of this policy is not to punish or penalize those students that have legitimate and unavoidable absences.  Rather it is intended to make all students accountable for good attendance and to achieve a quality educational environment.