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Erik Nelson Teacher

Mr. Nelson

I have been teaching Eighth Grade Physical Science at Marco since 2007.  I love the purity of the curriculum.  I recall chemistry professors who regarded anything other than Chemistry and Physics something less than pure science.  While I am not willing to go that far, I do believe that understanding matter, fundamental particles and the forces affecting them does give one a new perspective on our universe.  I am very thrilled to be able to teach this subject to the students at Marco.

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management (not exactly the pure science of my professors but a great multi-disciplinary education none the less).  My emphasis was wildlife ecology and management.  I received my degree from the University of California Berkeley in June 1983.  GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!  I had several great summer jobs during college working for the US Forest Service and the University of California as a forestry technician and a wildlife researcher (respectively).  While at Berkeley I was also able to dabble in my other great interest, geology.  I had the opportunity to use this education teaching Earth Science at Laguna Beach High School during the 05/06 and 06/07 school years.  Prior to transferring to Berkeley I began my post High School education at Cal State East Bay where I received the Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student award for 1979. 

Teaching is a second career for me, something I had always wanted to do.  Prior to teaching I worked in commercial insurance.  My specialty was commercial underwriting inspections and policy holder risk managment consultation.  I worked with many large companies to implement policies to reduce worker's compensation, auto, liability and fire risk.  Over the nineteen years I was in the field I held a number of positions including regional manager of loss control where I supervised a staff of 30 individuals in 6 states - only slightly less taxing than a classroom of 8th graders!

I began my education career by substituting for Capistrano Unfied in the 2002/2003  school year.  I received my single subject science credential from the University of California Irvine in 2004.  I am considered highly qualified by way of the CSET examination to teach Physical Science and Biological Sciences.  My credential includes CLAD certification for cross-cultural language acquisition and development.  I truly love being in the classroom and sharing science and other pertinent learning experiences with my students.