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Discipline Plan

To help students realize how their actions have consequences, we use a point system.  Each time a student is disciplined, he or she will receive a specific number of points.  The discipline structure is comprised of six categories - each with a different consequence.  If a student accrues 100 or more points, he or she may be recommended for a transfer to an alternative education program or for expulsion. Students must maintain a satisfactory level of discipline points to participate in activities such as dances and field trips.  The number of discipline points assigned depends upon the severity of the infraction.  The more serious and severe the infraction, the higher the number of discipline points given.  Below are some common infractions listed in order from least to most severe:


Discipline Category A:  For a first incident which includes, but is not limited to:  public displays of affection, loitering before or after school hours, abuse of hall pass privileges, tardies, gum chewing, minor violations of the school dress code, bus citation, possession of electronic devices, and other minor misbehavior.


Discipline Category B:  For an incident which includes, but is not limited to:  referral from teacher, possession of electronic devices, loitering or wandering in an unauthorized area, cheating on a homework or class assignment, inappropriate behavior directed to peers such as gestures, vulgarity and inappropriate speech, bullying, possession of inappropriate materials, major disruptions, second dress code violation, second gum chewing, defiance of authority, one period or more of truancy, and the fourth and fifth tardies.


Discipline Category C:  For an incident which includes, but is not limited to:  leaving class or campus without permission, possession of a lighter or matches, lying to school personnel, safety violations, forgery, falsifying phone calls or school forms, cheating on projects or tests, plagiarism, six or more tardies in one class, defiance or disrespect to authority (gestures, profanity, insubordination, etc.), two or more periods of truancy, violation of acceptable use policy, vandalism, theft, possession of stolen property, physical altercation, sexual harassment,  bullying, disruption or defiance of authority, habitual dress code violations, and gang or racist comments or actions.


Discipline Category D:  For an incident which includes, but is not limited to:  smoking tobacco or tobacco products, acts of intimidation and/or harassment, major incidents of disruption or defiance of authority, habitual dress code violations, vandalism, theft, one day of truancy, possession of stolen property, fighting, and sexual harassment and bullying.  For a second incident of:  cheating, plagiarism, malicious wrongdoing, gang or racist comments or actions.


Discipline Category E:  For a first incident which includes, but is not limited to:  bullying, fighting, robbery, extortion, the possession of dangerous objects, habitually truant, creating or contributing to the creation of a dangerous situation, vandalism, theft, possession of stolen property, sexual harassment, group fights, possession of drugs and/or under the influence of a controlled substance(s) such as alcohol or drugs, and possession of all dangerous objects or weapons.



Detention, In House Suspension or CSI assignment,   at home suspension, parent contact, parent conference, behavior contract

May result in one or more of the following consequences:



Category D/E:



Placement in Category C, D or E is dependent on severity of misbehavior as determined by the assistant principal.


Non-Discrimination Statement

The Capistrano Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: AR 1312.3, BP 1312.3 and BP 5183.

Rich Montgomery, Executive Director, Human Resource Services/Compliance
33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 234-9200

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